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Brand: Ballantine’s

Campaign: Ballantine’s True Music Africa*



Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music chose Kenya as one of the stops for True Music Africa. The event is set to unearths pioneering talent and their stories of hustling through the underground music scene to do it for themselves. To attract self-starters, creative hustlers and music makers to celebrate some of Kenya’s finest artists from the Nu-Nairobi scene.

Key Message:

Boiler and Ballantine’s celebrates those who stay true to themselves are committed to supporting and celebrating those who do it ‘their way’. While challenging them to continue pushing boundaries.

Target Market

  • Aspiring socials aged 20-30 years

  • The MATES

  • Young Millennials

  • Energetic and creative, love to party with friends and listen to music

  • Self-starters, creative hustlers and music makers

  • Entrepreneurs across fashion, art and music

Communication Objectives

  • To introduce the True Music in the market as a platform designed to tell the stories of the varied music scenes in the continent and the key innovators in each space who share that ‘entrepreneurial mentality’.

  • To create awareness for the event and the Ballantine’s brand.

  • To push the audience to the livestream broadcast.

  • To push people to the Jumia Party platform.

  • To pique the audience’s interest.

Our Role:

Event Awareness- This included telling the audience about the details of the event. Communication about the livestream was included as well.

Engagement- To build up talkability with the brand during the campaign.

Artist’s profile- Pushing information about the artists who were performing created excitement online for the event

Brand Awareness To promote the Ballantine’s brand and showcase some of the brand values.

Nairobi: The New Narrative Documentary- True Music Africa is touching down in Nairobi for our first ever Boiler Room x Ballantine’s party in Kenya. Ahead of that, we’re excited to release episode three of our documentary series, telling the DIY story of Nairobi’s bubbling underground scene through the voices of some of the artists performing: Muthoni Drummer Queen, EA Wave and Suraj.